Westbury on Trym Samba

Westbury on Trym samba at the Christmas Fayre. We first played here in 2017, with a crowd size and reaction far better than we were expecting from a 2pm slot in a suburb. Things were looking good for 2018 up until the day of the event: we awoke to a cold and rainy morning with the forecast saying that it was going to only get worse. We always turn up to play a gig once we’re booked, and as we set off with the drums our enthusiasm was lower than normal.

When we arrived on the street the stall holders were ready but the street was sparsity of people due to the driving rain. We met in the warmth of Grupo Lounge and observed the street scene through the window. Water was coursing down the street, forming a stream running along the edge of the road.  A band like ours relies on the commitment of the members and it was great that everyone had turned up despite the weather.
Westbury on Trym samba
When our alloted time came we strode out into the wind and rain and did what we do. The madness of the situation took hold in a positive way and we saw people walking down the street busting some moves. There was a great moment when we turned round and three people were dancing in the bus shelter behind us.

We played a very short second set before the organisers told us that the event was finishing. They put a lot of hard work went into preparing for this event and it’s sad that the weather turned out how it did. Let’s hope that it can receive great support in 2019.

Westbury on Trym Samba
2017 video still

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